Ep. 14 "San Junipero" and Lesbian Representation in Media w/Grace the Ghost Host!

Moon Poet interviews an old friend of the podcast, Grace the Ghost Host! They had a lively conversation about the Black Mirror episode "San Junipero" written by Charlie Brooker and how it stands up against current lesbian representation in television and movies. You can follow Grace the Ghost Host on Twitter!

Mild spoilers for Supergirl, Wynonna Earp, The Good Place and the webseries Carmilla.

MAJOR spoilers for "San Junipero," just watch it!

Ep. 11 Feeling Brown, Feeling Down

Whooping Cough and Moon Poet talk about José Esteban Muñoz's theory on the performance of race and depression amongst Latinx individuals. This episode is the first part of a series where they will read and talk about queer theory and art. You do not need to have read Muñoz's article "Feeling Brown, Feeling Down: Latina Affect, the Performativity of Race, and the Depressive Position," but it's worth checking it out if you can!

Artworks mentioned:

Nao Bustamante's "Neapolitan"

Marina Ambramovic's "The Onion"

Viva 16

Paris is Burning

Christopher Soto's Sad Girl Poems (chapbook, currently sold out)

Episode 9.5 they/them podcast reacts to the halloween special!

Whooping Cough and Moon Poet listen to and comment on the Halloween Special (Episode 9). In full acknowledgement of the mediocre writing they have created a drinking game which you can play at home while listening! They also get very meta about the podcast and their plans for the future of this project.